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Hello everyone, I'm Julien, the forum administrator. Allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

I've been writing for quite some time now. I've written loads of short stories, poems and even some fully formed film scripts and lots of game quest suggestions for Runescape, as well as some independent game ideas.
Currently, I am working on a huge Role Playing Game script, although I think I may stop writing the script after I finished the introduction and write the rest as a concept instead. If you're wondering why, I recently estimated the complete work to become about 4000 pages long if I continue in the same way I have been writing up to now, which would require so much time that it is simply a better idea to write the concept instead.

I'm also working on a film script at the moment called Refutation, it's about a war between two countries, both led by a genius. On the side, I write the occasional short story and poem. I also study Electrical Engineering.


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