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As you may know, film scripts are (kind of) my speciality. And, therefore, I’d like to post a teaser to one of my ideas here.


Unsealed Fate:

The world has come to an end.
Global warming will destroy the planet. Just maybe not the global warming everyone was expecting.
It is, rather, a creature that is about to set the world on fire. I am sad to say that it is one of my own making. So I am responsible.
I thought I had protected the world, isolated myself and my creations so that no other would have to face these creatures but me. Dragons, Wyrms and even the Iochnide, I thought that I could contain them. I could not have been more wrong.
The Dragons, the most powerful of these creatures, took this moment of weakness to leave and set out into the world.
My island is situated directly east from the tip of Florida, a state of the United States of so-called America, in the middle of what locals call the “Devil’s Triangle”. The name is nothing short of what is really here, the reasons for their lost ships and steel birds, my creatures.
I am responsible, but now that the Dragons have left, only one option remains.
The dragon must be stopped, before it even exists!


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