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Originally, the Writing Design Workshop was not that. It started off as an idea for Runescape Quest Suggestions.
The original crew actually consisted only of two people (Amascut and Robo Hobo (obviously their Runescape played names)).

Amascut had wanted to create a Guild of Quest Writers, and so she and Robo Hobo hypothetically thought up requirements for this guild, and making one of Jagex' people (the company that runs Runescape) Mod Tytn it's leader.

Though they thought it was interesting, maybe it could be more than a joke? So some months later they got together and searched through the forums for all it's quests and made the Quest Suggestion Database.

Created on December 18th 2010, it's since been a mini-community of Quest Writers all working towards the same goal - To create interesting stories to continue the RuneScape storyline.

Soon after, Djjulien (Julien's Runescape character) joined Amascut and Robo Hobo in reviewing and finding quest suggestions on the Runescape forums and for years, the database grew and became more and more popular.

On Thursday 28th of June 2012, Djjulien took over the maintainance when he started the 6th version of the database thread due to Amascut and Robo Hobo being unable to continue doing so.

On Thursday 9th of August 2012, the Quest Suggestion Database featured on the Top Discussions list on the Runescape Home Page! Our thanks goes out to all of those for keeping the thread active and up-to-date.

On Monday 27th of August 2012, Amascut returns from inactivity to take on her duties as caretaker of the Quest Suggestion Database again, this time along Djjulien's side.

From Januari 2013, Djjulien has taken over Amascut's duties once again, due to inactivity on Amascut's side.

In April 2013, the Quest Suggestion Database became more user friendly by adding links to it's documented quest suggestions rather than quick finding codes

On November 20th 2013, the Runescape forum thread moved to a new location: this one. The name was changed to the Writing Design Workshop which offers much of the same services as before, but now this goes beyond Quest Suggestions for Runescape.


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